Meeting of the City Counselling Commission Korçë

The City Counselling Commission in Korca held a meeting in the premises of the Business Incubator. In this meeting, the members of the Commission discussed the draft-regulation on the role and functions of the City Counselling Commission. They approved the regulation items as following: the objective of the City Counselling Commission, the process for electing the coordinator and vice coordinator, creation of working groups, roles of the members in representing and defending the public concerns, membership and criteria for participation.

After approving the regulation, the members proposed and elected the coordinators by open voting. Reforms in the City Counselling Commission brought with them the presence of representatives from the rural areas, therefore one of the coordinators was from one of the administrative units honoring the regulation on member equality.

The agenda for the next meeting of the Commission was determined in the end of the meeting.  

-          City Counselling Commission of Korca is an indipendent voluntary group of citizens, open to newcomers and equal membership that operates as a consulting and advisory body for the Municipality in improving the local governance.

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