Conference – Rural Council for Local Development, community oriented, Municipality of Devoll

After a continuous work and efforts, the meeting of the Rural Council for Local Economic Development took place in the Municipality of Devoll. The participants from administrative units of Devoll were introduced the project “Rural Korce”, the law on the function of Local Action Groups (LAGs) and the Italian experience with LAGs from Umbria Region.

They expressed their interest and started the discussion by asking questions on how the Council will work, the areas that will be involved, procedures for writing development projects, attracting funds and other important related details. The members were willing to be involved actively in a better management of rural development based on the Local Development strategies managed by the community itself.

Special thanks go to the staff of the Municipality of Devoll for their support, the administrators of all units and participants in the meeting.

Other common meetings will be organized further with the Rural Council for Local Development in municipalities of Korca and Devoll, in order to identify the critical aspects of rural areas, discuss problems and identify priorities for a sustainable and inclusive rural development.  

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