Meeting of the City Counselling Commission Korçë

City Counseling Commission in Korca held another meeting to discuss other pressing issues and problems.

As the meeting started, the members of Commission were presented two letters sent by the Municipality in response to two requests for information, related to dislocation of books from the City Library “Thimi Mitko” and the electro-magnetic pollution caused by mobile antennas.

Although there were objections from some Commission members about the dislocation of books and the Library, since the decision has been made, it was important that the Commission ensures the process goes well and efficiently.

Another important topic of the meeting was the issue of public nursery and pre-schools in Korca. Since there is only one public nursery school in town with small capacities, it is necessary to ask the Municipality to build another, since not everyone is able to take their kids in private schools.

As far as public pre-schools are concerned, the problem lies in the poor conditions in some of them, especially School Nr. 8. Although it is rebuilt, there are problems with humidity, old furniture and lack of toys and materials.

In the end of the meeting, the members suggested some issues for discussion in the next meetings, related to culture centers in town, small businesses and lack of information about different projects that are implemented in town. 

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