Meetings with the focus group in the Municipality of Kolonja – Discussing the municipal budget

The meetings with the focus groups continue where simplified municipal budgets are discussed in the framework of the project “Tracking campaign promises in Albania”, funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund and implemented by RDA Korca, in partnership with EIC (Economic Intelligence Center, Korca

Citizens of Kolonja discussed the simplified municipal budget of the Municipality of Kolonja, incomes and expenses, so that they have a better understanding of where their taxes are invested. Also, they discussed the ways how to increase the civic involvement in local governance. They provided their suggestions and ideas for further improvements in the budget.

Simplified municipal budget of the Municipality of Kolonja is online at: -…/BASHKIA-KOLONJ%C3%8B and the official website of the Municipality of Kolonja:…/buxheti-i-thjeshtuar-per-qytet…

We welcome you to contribute with ideas and suggestions on local or central expenses/investments as well as campaign promises whether kept ones or not made by local candidates and government members.

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