The opening conference – Municipality of Elbasan

On Friday, October 9th, 2015 the opening conference took place in Elbasan in the framework of the project “Strengthen democracy and rule of law by empowering citizens and civil society through participatory processes in governance.”

The Mayor of Elbasan Mr.Qazim Sejdini, the Head of City Council Mr.Altin Idrizi, who participated in the Conference, expressed their interest to cooperate for achieving the project’s objectives and goals and empowering the citizens in governance processes by considering them an important asset for success.

The Conference was divided into 2 sessions

During the first session, 13 representative groups from administrative units in Elbasan identified problems in different areas and those problems were later classified in specific categories.

The second session was the opening of the conference where the project was introduced, welcoming notes were addressed to the participants and the online portal of problems was introduced and explained.


Free discussion from the participants was very interesting as they talked about their concerns and problems in areas where they live, but they expressed also their support and cooperation to the project in order to achieve positive results. 

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