Meeting of the City Counseling Commission in Devoll

The City Counseling Commission in Devoll held its regular meeting to discuss about the progress of its work. The discussion was mainly focused on the upcoming meeting in September and creation of working groups/sub-commissions. 

During the meeting were discussed the areas under which members’ group selection will be made and mentioned some of them: urban planning, economy, services, health, agriculture and forests, education and sports, foreign politics and local and legislative government.

Group selection of members will be made based on their respective education and professions and their area of study. The aim why they are divided into sub-commissions is to treat the identified problems in order to provide ideas for solutions based on the experience in respective areas.

One important topic that was highlighted during this meeting of the City Counseling Commission was the pedestrian area in Bilisht. The community lacks information related to the modifications that will take place; main concerns relate to the business access after the project ends and cutting the chestnut trees which identify the town of Bilisht. Taking chance of the latter, the City Counseling Commission of Bilisht will present to the Municipality of Bilisht the request for information about the project being implemented.

The meeting concluded with setting the tasks for each member specifying the identification of other problems, their classification and expansion of the City Counseling Commission in Devoll.

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