Meeting of the City Counseling Commission in Korca

The City Counseling Meeting in Korca held its regular meeting to discuss the progress of its work and activities.

The meeting started with the coordinators discussing briefly about the activities related the demands of the Commission as stated in the previous meeting: the issue of firewood about which there is no official response to the letter addressed to the Municipality and also the Cooperation Agreement which is under way of being signed.

As far as the environment and terminal diseases issues in Korca, the members were presented with materials prepared by experts of the Palliative Care Center “Mary Potter” and were provided several ideas and suggestions related to these concerns.

Another problem that administrative unit representatives discussed was the request for public hearing more often and a larger participation of Municipal Council representatives and experts of respective areas of expertise.

Firewood issue was brought into attention again because Korca people are concerned and there is no official response from the Municipality yet. The problem is present not only in Korca but in its villages as well. The members agreed to make the issue public in media. First, an article will be written related to the above issue.

The meeting concluded with setting the issues for discussion in the next one. 

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